CCTV is an affordable surveillance solution
to secure your commercial and domestic premises.

Where 24-hour monitoring can give you ‘peace of mind’ that your assets are being monitored at all times. Strategically placed equipment can offer an immediate deterrent to potential intruders, whilst aesthetically pleasing solutions can be designed to ensure maximum protection throughout your premises.

Our promise

Commercial Security Systems promises to provide the most up to date equipment. A bespoke system designed to meet your requirements. Our team bring a wealth of knowledge and experience from working on many projects, from small scale systems to large multi-site systems. You will have access to a dedicated contact that you can discuss your requirements with. Not to mention an experienced team of engineers that will install your system, with sensitivity given to your business or domestic needs.


As part of our service, there will be time permitted to train you, or your team/family to use the newly installed equipment, to ensure that you have a full understanding of how it works and how to get maximum usage from your investment.

Should you wish to remove responsibility internally, we can provide a comprehensive maintenance service, with Emergency and 24-hour response options.


We install High definition (HD) cameras over IP networks using data cabling and Power over Ethernet (PoE). This could be on a standalone corporate/domestic network. We can also offer HD over existing coaxial systems.

Our customers have the ability to view their system via smartphone software or controlled video wall solutions for larger scale systems. For additional security, we are able to offer a 24/7 remotely monitored system, through a third-party monitoring station. The CCTV monitoring station has the ability to verify potential intruders at your premises, make a broadcast announcement through the speaker system, whilst recording and logging such events and passing this information to keyholders.

Subject to the amount of cameras on a project these can be designed to connect with stand alone recording systems or integrated into a complete video managed solution and other integrated systems. Should cameras be of key importance we can offer a cloud facility service for your cameras.

We have previously installed:

  • High Definition cameras
  • Covert camera’s in retail premises
  • HD images in darkness (exceptional night time images)
  • Night-time vision cameras
  • Thermal technology cameras (accurate intruder detection)
  • Pan tilt and zoom cameras
  • Multiview cameras using one cable
  • Heat detection cameras (Refuse sites)
  • Heat mapping cameras for marketing campaign
  • Reduced alarm managed cameras
  • Auto tracking cameras
  • Multiview and Pan tilt and zoom cameras
  • Number plate recognition (ANPR) for parking management purposes.
  • Face recognition cameras for management of personal – integration with Access Control system

We’re CSS. Your security is our business.

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